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Finalize your last Will and Testament
Legally correct will
Idividually created, better than a template
Safer than templates and examples
Make changes without extra charge in 14 days
Why do I need a will?
There are a lot of benefits from an individually written will. You hereby can decide for yourself what is going to happen with your belongings and even set obligations and detailes for your future funeral arrangement. By writing a will you can protect your beloved ones and make sure that everything will be distributed according to your wishes.
What is a will?
A will is a document with a legal effect in which you can express what should happen to your money, property or personal belongings after your death and who should receive it. You can also provide a guardianship for your children if they are under 18 or donate money to a charity.
What happens if I die without a will?
If you don’t have a valid will at the time of your death all your assets will be divided according to the state law, most probably not in a way that you would like it. Moreover, your family might face more stress by spending long hours in the court to make all necessary arrangements.
Where can I keep and store my will?
Your will should be kept in a safe place to which your executors will have access, e.g. in a safety deposit box at your bank. Usually it is not advised to keep it at home because of the danger of burglary, fire, etc, but it is okey to keep it along with other significant documents and papers.
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