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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions
General terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions ("Terms") apply to visitors ("Visitors") of ("Site"), and those who use Agreement24's application and purchase one or more Agreements ("Customer"). All conditions apply to Visitors. Everyone who visits the site is a Visitor. Conditions that are directed to Customer shall apply only to Customer. Customers are also Visitors.

The term Customer shall include both the purchasers of private Agreements ("Private Customer") and purchasers of corporate Agreements ("Corporate Client") and business packages ("Packet Client").


The term “Agreement” shall include all legal documents offered by Agreement24.

By visiting this site Visitors agree the following Conditions. The terms and conditions are subject to change, without that any prior notice thereof has been made available. Visitors have an obligation to keep themselves informed of the applicable Conditions at any given time.

The website is provided by Agreement24, registration number 556669-0102, Box 5211, 102 45 Stockholm.

1. Use of this site

1.a. General

The site and the Agreement Application are intended for the use of natural and legal persons, as general information related to law and Agreements. The site offers a wealth of information of legal and general nature, accessible to all Visitors. Information is always of a general character and does not replace personal advice in a single case.

To gain access to the Agreement Application e-mail address and registered password are required. Documents in the Agreement Application are divided into two main categories: Private and Corporate. For each Agreement there is informative and instructive texts. In addition, there is information in the information library. Informative texts are freely available to all visitors. If Visitors want to create Agreements, the Agreement Application is activated by clicking on the Agreement, that the visitor wishes to create, and the button "Start here". Visitors will, step by step, choose the content of the Agreement on the basis of the given instructions in each step. The output legal text of the Agreement will be generated into a PDF document based on the choices made by the Customer, and the Agreement may after the purchase be printed or saved.

1.b. My Account

Visitors are able sign up for a private account, My Account, on the website, and to use the Agreement Application it is required to register a private account. This requires that visitors enter an e-mail address. A password to get access to the private account will be sent to the specified e-mail address. By the registration of My Account the Visitors approve Agreement24's treatment of personal information entered by Visitors, and also information that Visitors enter when visiting the website after the registration. The choices and options made by the Visitors in the Agreement Application are saved in My Account for 14 days, and the Visitor it is therefore possible for the Visitor to stop and cancel the creating of an Agreement at any given time without the disappearing of the choices and options made by the Visitor. Visitor with a private account is able to change a purchased Agreement, by entering the Agreement through My Account, click “Change” under the purchased Agreement. Changes can be made in maximum 14 days after the purchase.


2. Purchase of Agreement

Visitors can purchase Agreements from Agreement24 by entering all the steps in the Agreement Application, and then continue with the payment for the Agreement. A concluded Agreement between Agreement24 and Costumer, is deemed when Costumer clicks the button to confirm the purchase. By purchasing a contract on the site accepts the Client part of these Conditions to which the Customer.

Agreements are charged with the specified fixed price per Agreement. The specified price for the Private Agreements includes VAT. The specified price for Corporate Agreements is excluding VAT. Charged price includes only the created Agreement. The use of general information available on the website is free of charge.

Payments are made by the payment provider PayPal.


The Costumer purchases by clicking “Check out with PayPal”. When clicking this the Costumer is directed to the website of PayPal and will be asked to choose way of payment, by credit cart or by logging into their PayPal account. The Costumer is then directed to the Cart where the Costumer will click “End order”.

For further instructions please click the link:

3. Availability

The site is available via the Internet every day of the week. Agreement24 reserves the right to shut down the website or part of the website during a limited time for updates or maintenances of the website.

The quickness of the communication between Visitor / Customer and Agreement24's server depends partly on Visitor / Customer's choice of data networks and on the traffic volume. 



Disruption of access to the website may occur because of the Internet connection, interference with the website, or maintenance of the provided service.

4. Processing of personal data

All Visitors of the website are using cookies, stored by Agreement24’s server. In addition, visitors may choose to enter information about themselves and others during the registration of My Account and during the entering of the Agreement Application, which may constitute personal data.

Customer is asked to enter information that may constitute personal data during the registration of My Account, the Agreement Application procedure and during the payment.

Visitors and Customer hereby consent to personal data relating to the visits, use of the Website, registration of My Account, the Agreement Application and the payment is being treated as follows:

Personal data that Agreement24 stores and processes is handled in accordance with the rules of the Data Protection Act (1998). Such personal information may be name, address, telephone number, email address, logins, IP numbers, marital status, bank details, etc. The personal information Agreement24 obtains about Visitors and Customer is treated by Agreement24 and other companies that Agreement24 works with as co-operators, both within and outside EU and EEA, in order to prepare and perform the service, requested actions or obligations which may result from any act or regulation. Personal data and information are saved in up to 6 months after the last activity, due to evidential purposes. Information related to My Account is however saved until the Visitor cancels his account or if the account is inactive for 6 months. Visitors and Costumers also agree to the information being used for market analysis, risk management, product development and for marketing purposes.

Agreement24 may record telephone conversations with Customers and Visitors, save conversations from the chat support, and otherwise log and document the Visitors and Customers sessions on the website and communication with Agreement24.

Agreement24 cooperate with the police and other authorities, and may by the request from such authorities provide information, including personal information about Visitors and Customer to them.

Visitor and Customer ensures and agrees that information regarding other person than the Visitor or the Customer is in no way violating, infringing or otherwise violating the rights of any third party, such as, but not limited to, copyright, trademark, or privacy.

5. Limitation of Liability

The Agreement Application can never substitute professional legal advice in individual cases. Agreement Application informs and guides the Visitors and Customers in how an Agreement can be written, which is only one way out of several possible ways. Agreement24 provides general information, and the Visitor or Customer pays for the choices of content for the Agreement that he makes, and the consequences thereof. Each Visitor and Customer declares, by visiting the website, that he understand Agreement24's Application only serves to generate Agreement drafts, for final review by the user. Agreement24, therefore, assumes no liability of counselling in relation to individual Visitors, or Customers. It is always up to the customer to determine if the purchased Agreement from Agreement24 includes the content the Customer wishes, and Agreement24 cannot be held responsible for this issue.

Agreement24 provides, in connection to the Agreement Application, support through telephone, email and chat service. The Support is a tool to help the Customer to use the Agreement Application and as for the rest of the website. Help given from the support should not be seen as legal advice. Agreement24 cannot be held responsible for the consequences of the Customer's choices and actions as a result of information received from the support.

Agreement24 is, if the company has not been grossly negligent, not responsible for damage incurred by the fact that a Customer cannot use the Agreement Application as intended, because disruption of any computer or communication system used by Agreement24, or during necessary maintenance of Agreement24's system. Agreement24 shall not compensate damage that may arise in other circumstances, if Agreement24 acted with normal standard caution. Agreement24 shall not be liable under any circumstances for consequential damages. The Customer is responsible for any damage he may suffer because of an error in the Customer's own data and / or communications equipment, software or subscription.

Agreement24 is not responsible for damage due to British or foreign legislation, British or foreign authority, war, strikes, blockades, boycotts, lockouts or other similar circumstances. The reservation in respect of strikes, blockades, boycotts and lockouts also applies if Agreement24 itself is subjected to or takes such action. In the event of any difficulty for Agreement24 to make the Agreement Application available or to take other action due to circumstances under this paragraph the action may be postponed until the difficulty has ceased.

Customer must immediately make complains regarding any errors or omissions in connection with the Agreement Application, when using it. Complaints must be submitted as soon as the Customer discovers or should have discovered the error. Claims shall be sent to:

6. Copyright

The content on this website as well as underlying software is protected by copyright law. The information on this website that is also protected by copyright law such as database under that law. It is prohibited to make copies - no matter what technology there is - of all or part of the content without the consent of Agreement24. Without such consent, it is also forbidden to make all or part of the contents of the site accessible to the public through the use of the Internet or otherwise.

The result of the Customers use of the Agreement Application may be used freely just like any other Agreement draft at any time, but not in the purpose of commercial reproduction. Other materials may be used only for personal use. This means that information texts and other documents in the web library may not be copied, reproduced or made available to the public, whether in original or modified, translated, processed, or in changed by other techniques, without the consent of Agreement24.

Any person wishing to use any of the content in a way that is stated above is welcome with their request to Agreement24 per e-mail:

7. Linking

When linking to website the link shall open in a new window. When linking so-called hypertext links are to be used and not framed solutions / frames. The content on this website can never be presented in the context of another site without the prior consent of Agreement24. To link in such a way that the website's content could be distorted or misunderstood is prohibited.

8. Cancelling the purchase

When purchase of Agreement on the website and creating a Customized Agreement, designed specifically for the Customer's information input and response to the questions and choices in the Agreement Application. Since the Agreement, obtained by the Customer, is clearly personalized and made exclusively for this particular Customer at the time of the purchase, based on the Customer's choices in the Agreement Application, there is no possibility to right to withdrawing after purchase.

Customer may, by registering a ‘My Account‘ before purchase, during 14 days after the purchase change the Agreement by changing the choices made in the Agreement Application, and receive a new version of the Agreement that is free of charge.

Customer may complain about a purchased Agreement if the Customer finds any fault defect or is dissatisfied. Agreement24 will do our best to correct any errors or other defects in the Agreement.

9. Dispute

Agreement24 have a desire to always work on improving our products and services. An important component of this work is to take dissatisfied Customers' complaints very seriously. The easiest and quickest way to obtain indemnity for any errors is to contact us by phone (08-515 10 121) or email (

10. Measures against unauthorized use

The content of this website is the result of a comprehensive effort. Agreement24 takes sees any unauthorized use of content as very serious breach of our terms and conditions and Agreement24 will in such case take measures against the prohibited use. Agreement24 reserves the right to exclude Visitors, or Customer who breaches these Terms and Conditions.